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Terms and Conditions



 In order to reserve a spot for an event, registration is a must. Therefore, it is imperative that information provided is accurate.  BrightStar Events has the right to refuse any vendor from setting up, including processing refunds and cancelling booth space. 

Registration Disputes

The securement of a spot is not guaranteed to be held due to incorrect  information. It is also important that you check the "Registered Companies" section before registering for an event to make sure your company spot is open. By signing up for event you are agreeing that you will NOT dispute any charges.  In the event where a payment is stopped, BrightStar Events, LLC will be recover such payment through legal means, and you will be responsible for all legal fees.


Registration Changes and Cancellations

In the event you decide to cancel or not attend an event, you are forfeiting your booth fee and BrightStar Events, LLC reserves the right not to refund the registration fee . No Exceptions.  BrightStar Events, LLC reserves the right to make adjustments to an event, such as floor-plan changes. BrightStar Events has the right to cancel or refuse any vendor from setting up at any show.  If BrightStar Events, LLC cancels an event, due to unforeseen reasons a credit will be applied towards a future event. If an event is canceled by the venue, a refund will be issued.



Proper appearance of merchandise and exhibits is a must!  All Vendors/Crafters agree to stay within their assigned booth spaces; this includes not blocking walkways or customer traffic flow. You are not allowed to share your assigned space with another crafter/vendor, nor are you allowed to showcase multiple Direct sale company items in one space without the consent of BrightStar Events, LLC. An example of this would be having signed up for a Booth space for LuLaRoe, but also have a table with Paparazzi. There is no hawking of the mall customers, and no roaming from booth to booth. You are to be set up before the mall opens and ARE NOT ALLOW to pack up before the Event closes without prior approval.



The merchandise to be sold is subject for approval by BrightStar Events, LLC management. New registerees may be asked to submit a photograph of the exhibits before application acceptance.



The promoting efforts to bring exposure to the events include; email blasts, flyers, signs and banners, social media and other networking events. You are always welcome to  post and promote all events you are attending.  Posting and promoting the event at social media channels and other exposure channels will increase the success of the event. 


Exhibit  Area

Safety compliance is a must, you must remain within the purchased booth space. The aisles and walkways are kept cleared for customers to move safely. Failure to comply with this safety rule will result in removal from the premises and registration fees will forfeit. The manager for each mall has the final approval for the display of each space. All areas must be left as they were when you arrived. All areas must not be left with trash or garbage after take down.


Ethical Conduct

You are required to act professionally and to greet customers that come into your booth space. In order to continue to book with the venues we must all work as a team, your actions directly reflect upon BrightStar Events, LLC.  If at any time it is brought to our attention any unprofessional and /or unprofessional conduct, you will be asked to leave the event and you will forfeit your booth fee. If you are causing drama, or act unprofessionally you can be asked to leave the venue by BrightStar Events LLC without refunds.  BrightStar Events LLC has the right to refuse booth space to any and all persons that have previously caused drama, or a negative atmosphere at prevoius shows. 



Under no circumstance should the rented area endure any damages to walls, floors, surfaces, columns, windows and any other physical aspect of the area during the event. This includes, the tables, tableclothes, chairs and or any other furniture, if it is included in the registration agreement. Moreover, the venue's property is not to be removed from the area;this will not be tolerated and will be considered theft. Any damages, and or missing property that is the direct cause of the Vendor/Crafter will be repaired or replaced at YOUR expense.

Consumer Attendance

BrightStar Events, LLC can not guarantee any specific number of attendees to any event. However, it is guaranteed that all events will be promoted to the best of our ability. It is also required that each attendee promotes the events they are attending.


Compliance of Terms and Conditions

Registeree agrees to relieve BrightStar Events, LLC of any and all liability arising out of attendance at an event organized by  BrightStar Events, LLC. 

The registeree assumes total compliance of the terms and conditions, as well as the limitation of liability outlined in this agreement by registering and paying for an event. The compliance of this agreement shall be either on behalf of the registeree or on behalf of any corporate entity which employs the registeree.

False accusations and defamation regarding an event hosted by  BrightStar Events, LLC in any form or fashion will prevent you from participating in future event . BrightStar Events, LLC also reserves the right to legal action pertaining to defamation acts. 

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