The Arboretum od South Barrington Mall (Outdoor mall)

100 W Higgins Rd

South Barrington, IL 60010


August 27-28, 2022



Saturday 11am-7pm 

Sunday 11am-5pm


Show Rules:

*Your space is 10x10. You will need to bring everything for your set up 

*You will need to provide your own tent and tent weights (15lbs per leg min)

*Show hours are mall hours (listed above)

*You are to be set up when the mall opens each day, and cannot close until mall closes.

*There is NO coming in late or leaving early. If you come late you will NOT be allwoed to set up. 

*You need to have floor length tablecloths

*You need to have all bags, boxes, carts, ect with back into your car or under your table before the show starts.

*You will be allowed to pull your car close to your area to unload and then will be directed where to park your car.

*You can leave your items overnight at your own disgession. Myself nor the mall are reasponsible for your items. 

* You will be set up around the fountain area. 

*There will be a band playing Saturday evening.

*The event page will be emailed out 2 weeks prior to the show, with the set up emails sent out the week of the show.

*You will need a Business ID Tax number 

By signing up you are agreeing to all items listed above and understand there are no refunds if you double book, or have another commitment. There is also no changing to another show. 




Summer Craft Show @The Arboretum

    1. B&S Crystals 
    2. Joyee’s creations:
    3. Corspice Veteran owned spice company
    4. Marie’s Soapery
    5. Rossini Wine Accessories
    6. Lilibug Wreaths and More
    7. Water Lily Handcrafts
    8. Scentcerely Me LLC
    9. pampered Chaf
    10. Freshmouth 
    11. Reda's Boutique
    12. B-Cycled Bottles
    13. The Orgone society
    14. SUNNY DAZE
    15. Heirs 817
    16. We are Rocks
    17. Anita's Customs