No Service Companies (windows, Chiro One, ect)

We are looking for mainly Craters, handmade items, and Artisans. Direct Seller spaces will be limited


Fox Valley Mall

195 Fox Valley Center Dr,

Aurora, IL 60504


March 20-22, 2020


Hours & Price:

Friday 10am-9pm $40

Saturday 10am-9pm $70

Sunday 11pm-6pm $50

All Days $130


Set up:

Your space is 10x10. This mall does not have any tables or chairs so you will need to bring all of your own items for your set up. I will be sending out emails the week of the event with your locations and placement. You will be placed in the common areas of the mall. You can come to the mall each day 2hours before the mall opens. If you are doing back to back days you can leave your items in the mall overnight.


You need to have floor length tablecloths, preferably black or logo, they need to be FLOOR LENGTH, not the cheap plastic kind. You need to have a clean professional set up before the mall opens. I do not mind if you leave 1-2 hours before the mall closes, but you cannot leave in the middle of the day, it is disruptive to the customers. There are no hande made signs, unless they are professional looking, grids must be clean and no higher than 6', nothing taped to your table, and no hawking of the customers, )yelling out at them).



The mall will be posting the event on their webiste, facebook, and have signs in the mall. I will create and event page which will be emailed out several times to you, paid facebook ads, posting it on eventbrite.


*There are no refunds for any reason. If you cannot make the show you can find a replacement*

Spring is in the Air Craft Show

Days Registering For
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    Avon Betty Betty Betty
    Color Street Chrstine W. Christine Christine

    I am love


    and Crystals

    Liz Liz Liz
    Paparazzi Cheryl Gail Marilyn
    LuLaRoe Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer






    Off Da Wire

    Jewelry Designs

    Margo Margo Margo
    Tsïtsïki boutique Mireya Mireya Mireya

    Second City


    Hygge Vibes



    Woof Woof


    Math Plays LLC Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth
    BeautifulBagsEtc Catherine Catherine Catherine

    Cherish A


    Of Nature

    Cherish A

    Peace Of


    White Blossom


    Tina Tina Tina
    Thirty One  Lisa    

    Tori Belle


    Life is Meshy Candice Candice Candice
    Mary Kay Joyce Joyce Joyce
    Style Dots Delane Delane Delane
    Tracy's Treasure Tracy Tracy Tracy