NO SERVICE COMPANIES (Windows, Doors, Chiro One, Leaf Guard, ect)

*Please make sure you provide the correct email so that you get set up information*


Southridge Mall

5300 S 76th St,

Greendale, WI 53129


November 6-8, 2020



Friday 11-7pm        $50

Saturday 11-7pm    $100

Sunday  112am-6pm      $75

All 3 Days $175


*Set up will be 2 hours before the mall opens each day

*You MUST be fully set up with a clean, professional display BEFORE the mall opens each day

*If you are doing back to back days you can leave your items overnight, however we are not responsible for any items left at the mall

*You are NOT allowed to pack up and leave before the time specified in the set up emails.

*You are not allowed to have any handwritten signs, anything over 8', or anything taped to your tables. 

*Set up emails are sent out the week of the show;usually Tuesday

*The event page will be emailed out about 2 weeks prior to the show for you to share, and post photos too

*Electric is limited and only for peopel that need it for their set ups. You can bring a back up battery pack to charge cell Phones.

*You will be set up in center court, and various other common areas. 


The mall will be advertising on their website, and social media platforms. There will be multiple signs in the mall, and will be posted on Eventbrite. I will create an event page, and do paid ads. The event page will also be emailed out to everyone that is signed up. 

*There are no refunds, if you need to cancel it is your responsibility to find a replacement. 

Southridge Mall Holiday Show

Booth Spaces
  • Company Friday Saturday Sunday
    Avon Betty Betty Betty
    Paparazzi Christine Christine Christine
    Color Street Karen Karen  
    Scentsy  Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie
    Nonnis4seasons Mary Mary Mary
    Thirty One    Christine  
    IT Works Gina Gina Gina