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No service companies allowed.


Northwoods Mall 

2200 W War Memorial Dr

Peoria, IL 61613


April 6-7, 2024



Saturday 10am-7pm

Sunday 11am-5pm



Both Days $85

Saturday only $60

Sunday ONLY $40


These would be show hours for the day you sign up


Set up:

You will have the option to set up Friday  ight after the mall closes

You will also have the option of coming in at 8am Saturday/Sunday morning


You will get set up email sent out about a week before the show, complete with map and space assignment.


*THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY MALL that means NO profanity, inappropriate adult items, nothing pertaining too narcotics, including marijuana leaves, ect that are not family friendly. If you put out these items you will be told to remove them*


*Show hours are mall hours

*Your space is 10x10

*You need to bring EVERYTHING for your set up including floor length tablecloths

*You are to be set up with a clean professional set up each day

*There is NO coming in late or leaving early.

*Nothing over 6' Tall

*No tents or tent frames are allowed in the mall

*You need to have all bags, boxes, totes, wagon ect either stored under your table or back into your car before the mall opens

*No clothing racks or vertical banners are allowed at this location

*You will be set up in the main areas of the mall


Set up emails with map will be sent out the week of the show.

If you have nay questions you can email

Northwoods Spring Show

    1. New Crafty Ideas
    2. Handmade by Newport
    3. Bella beauty
    4. Crystal’s Creations
    5. Poodles With Noodles
    6. K. H. PENDOLINO - Abstract Art
    7. Diggity Dawg Bakery
    8. Lauren Noard Designs
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