We are looking for a majoirty of our vendors to be veterans or have members of your family that are veterans (military, fire, police). However this is NOT a requirement for registering.


Owensboro Convention Center

501 W 2nd St, Owensboro, KY 42301


May 29-30


Saturday 9am-4pm CENTRAL TIME

Sunday 10am-3pm


*Your space is 10x10 unless you purchase bigger space

*You need you be provided 1 table, you need to bring anything else for your set up other than provided table

*You need to be fully set 30 minutes before the show opens.

*You are NOT allowed to come in late

*You are NOT allowed to leave early

*Set up will be from 12-5pm Friday or you can come at 7am Saturday

*The event will be on the OCC website calendar, paid facebook ads, and 3 billboards will be rented 4 weeks prior to show.

*We will also have radios ads that start 10 days prior and a 2 hour live radio broadcast from the show each day.

*We will have free giveaway bags to the first 50 people Saturday morning, if you wish to include something in the bags please bring it Friday evening. 

*The event page will be emailed out 2 weeks prior and the  and the floorplan and additional set up information the week of.

Memorial Day Show Owensboro

    1. The Little Wood Shack
    2. Bluegrass Vineyards
    3. Turn About Memories
    4. Thirty One 
    5. Signature HomeStyles
    6. Scentsy
    7. Paparazzi
    8. Customized tumblers
    9. Color Street
    10. Wreaths
    11. KY Custom Graphics and Jewelry
    12. Norwex
    13. Gladd Fusion
    14. LuLaRoe Kim
    15. KY Custom Graphics and Jewelry
    16. Pink Zebra
    17. Womens Clothing
    18. Phoenix Fire Stones
    19. Plunder Designs
    20. Yard4relief
    21. Hand painted tumblers with epoxy overlay and assorted crafts
    22. Tori Belle Cosmetics
    23. Origami Owl
    24. Lemongrass Spa
    25. Knott's
    26. Thomas Gray Jewelry
    27. B.T. Leigh's Sauces and Rubs
    28. Sweet temptions by Victoria
    29. River City Stitches bags, wallets and accessories.
    30. Maria's Sew on the go 
    31. Sterling Silver jewelry
    32. Sweet Temptations by Victoria