Joliet American Legion 

2625 Ingalls Ave,

Joliet, IL 60435


Saturday October 7th




*You will have a 10x10 space

*You do need to provide verything for your set up including tent and tent weights

*We will have everyone outside this is a very busy American Legion and has a play ground right across the street

*You must be fully set up by the time the show starts. No one is allwoed to set up late. 

*Please have a item to raffle off. 

*There is no breaking down early. This is a summer show, it will probably be hot. Bring water and cooling towels.

*The legion will have a sign on the door, and on their LED board. I will be renting a billbaord and will have signs outside a few days before, and flags the day of the show.

*We will have 50/50 raffle ticket sales, and tickets for raffle baskets going towards the legion. 

* I will email out the event page 2 weeks before the show and the set up email the week of the show. 

Joliet American Legion

    1. Scentsy 
    2. Love Prosperity & Crystals 
    3. Pampered Chef
    4. Funko Pops
    5. Lavender Fields Macarons
    6. Avon 
    7. color street 
    8. Tastefully Simple 
    9. Thirty One
    10. paparazzi
    11. Jeannine and Kaylee’s jewelry, jelly and signs
    12. Pink Zebra 
    13. Kiltie's Kreations wreaths
    14. Unique Solar and Glass Art
    15. KiKi’s Creative Closet
    16. pampered chef
    17. Spliff Society
    18. KellerFord Vintage Goods
    19. It’s Just Puppy Love
    20. PeacefulMeDesign
    21. Aimazing Designs