Looking for all Crafters, Vendors, Artisans, and small buisness owners.

We will have spaces in the open areas of the mall .

Joliet Mall

3340 Mall Loop Dr,

Joliet, IL 60431


November 13-14, 2021


HOURS: (These are subject to change, not sure when holiday hours will start)

Saturday 10am-9pm 

Sunday 12pm-6pm


Booth Spaces:

1- 10x10 Space (you bring everything you need for your set up) (No CLOTHING RACKS)

2- RMU (these are portable Kiosk type set ups. This would be your set, nothing additional. They are very nice, and have lights sign holders. I can provide pictures if needed.


*You have a 10x10 and need to bring everything for your set up.

*We will have about about 8 RMU's (kiosk type) that you can chose. If you want this set up then that is your set up nothing addtional.

*We will have spaces in the middle of the mall.

*If you are a food vendor you need approval first and make sure you have the proper food permits. Do NOT sign up until you get approval.

*The mall will have it on their website, facebook, and LED board.

*We will be renting LED billboards the week of the show, doing paid ads for our event page (emailed out 2 weeks prior to show), plus posting in local groups the week of the show. 

**You will have the floorplan emails sent out the week of the show**

*You need to be FULLY set up each day before the mall opens. You are NOT allowed to leave early, and you ARE NOT allowed to leave the show early. 

*Mall hours are show hours! 

*You need to be fully set up with a clean, professional set up. All bags boxes, totes, ect need to be put back in your car or under your table before the show opens.

*All tablecloths need to be floor length. 

*You are to provide everything for your set up. 

*You can come in to set up at 8pm Friday or 8am Saturday to set up. 

*Nothing higher than 7' per fire code

*No Clothing racks allowed 

*No Vertical Signs allowed

*You do need black or logo floor length tablecloths NO PLASTIC TABLECLOTHS!

There are no refunds. If cancelled because of covid the show will be rescheduled. 

Holiday Market @ Joliet Mall

    1. Avon 
    2. Color Street- Melani F.
    3. Scentsy
    4. Love prosperity and Crystals 
    5. Pink Zebra
    6. Paparazzi- Christine W.
    7. Tastefully simple
    8. PB Custom Wood and crafts
    9. Happy Nests
    10. It's Just puppy 
    11. Cynthia Schaubert
    12. Spliff Society