Green Tree Mall 

Clarksville IN


November 5-6, 2022

Saturday 11am-8pm 

Sunday 12pm-6pm 


Both Days $100 

Saturday Only $75

SUnday Only $50


Your Space is 10x10 

*The first 15 people have a table included

*You will need to bring everything else for your set up

*The show hours are mall hours

*You will be able to enter the mall as early as 8am Saturday or 9am Sunday to set up.

*You can leave your own items overnight at your own disgession.

*Areas will be JCP court, down the main aisle, and around the Center court area. 

*Event page emails will go ut 2 weeks prior and Set up emails the week of the show.

Holiday Market @ Green Tree Mall

    1. Scentsy
    2. Paparrazzi (SUNDAY OPEN)
    3. Color Street
    4. The LeJoyce Boutique
    5. Blooms of Grace by Terry Allen
    6. Heavenly Scented Soaps
    7. Little Miss Hollywood
    8. Usbourne Books
    9. Busy B's Boutique
    10. Magpie Avenue