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Gurnee Mills Mall

6170 W Grand Ave

Gurnee, IL 60031


December 8-10, 2023



Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday 11am-7pm


Booth Fee:

$275 for the weekend


Show Information:

*10x10 Space

*Your location will be have your corners taped and location labled

*You will need to bring everything for your set, including tables, chairs, tablecloths, racks, ect

*You will be set up in the common areas of the mall from the Bass Pro to the Dick's Sporting goods.

*Set up emails will be sent out on Monday the week of the show

*Floorplans and booth location will be emailed out Wednesday the week of the show

*If you are not a crafters, have handmade items, or an aritsn DO NOT SIGN UP unless you have been approved.

* You are allowed to leave your items covered overnight at your own Disgressions. We have never had any issues; however myself nor the mall is responsible for items left at the mall.

* You can cover your items and leave them overnight. 


Show Rules:

*Show hours are Mall hour. NOT EXCEPTIONS

*You are to be set up with a clean professional set up when the mall opens each day

*There is NO setting up late. I understand sometimes life happens but this the rules. If you can make it to set up on time then please do not come.

*You must have floor length tablecloths, white or black, and they must be cloth not the 3 for $1.98 plastic kind. No, curtains/ shower curtains are NOT tablecloths.

*You must have all bags, boxes, wagons, totes, ect placed under your table or back in your car when the mall opens.

*Nothing over 7' in allowed per fire code restrictions

*No canopies, or tent frames are allowed in the mall

*You are to be within you 10x10 space.

*Please remember this is a family friendly mall. So no adult items, profanity, or any sort of items refering to any drugs or drug use.



Gurnee Mills has a very large customer base, and is a very busy mall.

They will be posting the event on thier website, and social media platforms.

There will be signs in the mall, as well as an advertisment on the radio Friday.

BrightStar Events will create an event page, do paid ads for page, post in local groups and email event page out to vendors to share and post photos too so that customers can see what is going to be sold.


Again the event page will be emailed out 2 weeks prior to our show, set up emails sent out on Monday week of the show, and floorplan/ map Wednesday week of the show.


For approval you can email

Gurnee Mills Holiday Craft Show

    1. The Art of Jeremy Provost LLC
    2. Treats and Paws
    3. Candlemania 
    4. Rissi's Workshop
    5. Mizorey Ren
    6. A Color Filled Life
    7. Lilibug Wreaths and More
    8. SCOOPS!
    9. La Tiendita Artesanal
    10. Cyndi's All About U Boutique, INC
    11. Laxativa-handmade jewelry
    12. Haven Jewelry
    13. Cloudpop Studio
    14. Manncustomz
    15. Emerald Momma's Crafts & Creations
    16. Rett's Personality Charms,
    17. Gnarly Knots Crochet Co.
    18. Luna’s Desserts
    19. Design Clementine and Off Duty Wood Works
    20. Unique yarn by Alina
    21. Bella Beauty
    22. Drippy Bear
    23. spiritual crystal boutique
    24. Blinke Wreaths
    25. La Mistica
    26. Bella designs by Alex
    27. Exodus 28 Stones
    28. Store name Dragonfly Keeper
    29. Artesanías MUNAY
    30. Africa Alive LLC
    31. Pure Lisy Skin
    32. Faith Trust Lil Bit Dust
    33. red light candles
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