Looking for all Crafters, Vendors, Artisans, and small buisness owners.

We will have spaces in the open areas of the mall .

Joliet Mall

3340 Mall Loop Dr,

Joliet, IL 60431


October 16-17, 2021



Saturday 10am-9pm 

Sunday 12pm-6pm


Booth Spaces:

1- 10x10 Space (you bring everything you need for your set up) (No CLOTHING RACKS)

2- RMU (these are portable Kiosk type set ups. This would be your set, nothing additional. They are very nice, and have lights sign holders. I can provide pictures if needed.


*You have a 10x10 and need to bring everything for your set up.

*We will have about about 8 RMU's (kiosk type) that you can chose. If you want this set up then that is your set up nothing addtional.

*We will have spaces in the middle of the mall.

*If you are a food vendor you need approval first and make sure you have the proper food permits. Do NOT sign up until you get approval.

*The mall will have it on their website, facebook, and LED board.

*We will be renting LED billboards the week of the show, doing paid ads for our event page (emailed out 2 weeks prior to show), plus posting in local groups the week of the show. 

**You will have the floorplan emails sent out the week of the show**

*You need to be FULLY set up each day before the mall opens. You are NOT allowed to leave early, and you ARE NOT allowed to leave the show early. 

*Mall hours are show hours! 

*You need to be fully set up with a clean, professional set up. All bags boxes, totes, ect need to be put back in your car or under your table before the show opens.

*All tablecloths need to be floor length. 

*You are to provide everything for your set up. 

*You can come in to set up at 8pm Friday or 8am Saturday to set up. 

*Nothing higher than 7' per fire code

*No Clothing racks allowed 

*No Vertical Signs allowed

*You do need black or logo floor length tablecloths NO PLASTIC TABLECLOTHS!

There are no refunds. If cancelled because of covid the show will be rescheduled. 


Fall Show Joliet Mall

    1. Avon 
    2. Scentsy
    3. Love Prosperity and Crystals 
    4. Impressionable Prints
    5. Tastefully Simple 
    6. Color Street 
    7. Pink Zebra
    8. Paparazzi
    9. PB Custom Wood and crafts
    10. Spliff Society
    11. TK Collectables
    12. nanas things
    13. Bella Beauty