We do NOT allow any service type booths at this mall (Chiro, windows, ect)


Gurnee Mills

6170 W Grand Ave, Gurnee, IL 60031


Hours & Price:

Friday 10am-9pm

Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 11am-7pm

$200 All 3 days


Set up:

-You can come 2 hours early to set up, (if you need more time that is fine but no one will be there earlier if you need help finding your space).

- You are set up in various around around the mall between the Kiosks

- You need to FULLY set up by the time the mall opens each day with all bags, boxes, totes, ect either placed back in your car of under your table.

- All tables need to have floor lenght tablecloths

- Your space is 10x10 and you must bring everything needed for your set up.

- The event page will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the show and the set up emails the week of the show after I meet with management.



The mall will be putting up numerous signs through the mall 2 weeks prior. They also advertise the show on their facebook and website.

We create a facebook page and do paod ads, as well as, posting in local groups the week the show.


There are no refunds unless canceled because of Covid, then you would be refunded or offered to change to another show.

4th Annual Fall Gurnee Mills Show

    1. Avon
    2. Scentsy
    3. Love Prosperity & Crystals
    4. ERocks
    5. Tastefully Simple- Hether M.
    6. Norwex
    7. Impressionable Prints
    8. Woodworking and handmade jewelry
    9. Usborne Books
    10. Paparazzi - christine M.
    11. Color Street
    12. Pink Zebra
    13. Clover Patch Studio
    14. Pink zebra
    15. Mizorey Ren