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*THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY MALL that means NO profanity, inappropriate adult items, nothing pertaining too narcotics, including marijuana leaves, ect that are not family friendly. If you put out these items you will be told to remove them*



Louis Joliet Mall

3340 Mall Loop Dr

 Joliet, IL 60431


December 16-24 , 2024


It is $25 per day Monday -Friday 

Christmas eve $60 

Weekend before Christmas $175

All week $300


Hours: I will not have extra hours until mid November. I know the hours are long so I will see if we can somehow modify

Monday 10am-9pm 

Tuesday 10-9pm

Wednesday 10am-9pm 

Thursday 10am-9pm 

Friday 9am-9pm

Saturday 9am-9pm

Christmas EveSunday 9am-5pm


Set up:

*If you are doing weekend prior also NO you do not have to pack up you stay in the same spot for this week also same as last year. 

*Show are are listed above, again I will not know exact hours until Mid Nov and I will see about modifying them for those that want modified hours.

*Your space is 10x10
*If we have carts/kiosks I will let you know a week prior. NO additional racks, tables, ect are allowed with cart option 

*You need to bring EVERYTHING for your set up

*You are to be set up with a clean professional set up each day

*There is NO coming in late or leaving early. 

*Nothing over 6'

*No tents or tent frames are allowed in the mall 

*You need to have all bags, boxes, totes, wagon ect either stored under your table or back into your car before the mall opens

*If you are doing back to back days you can leave your items overnight. We are not responsible for items left at the mall.

*You will be set up in the main aisles  of the mall

*You can come to set up starting at 8pm on the night before you are schedueld to sell, or 2 hours the morning of your schedueld show day.

*You will come in the main door by the Theatre if you are coming in at night.

*If setting up the morning of you need to use the brown employee doors.


Set up emails with map will be sent out the week of the show. 

2024 Holiday Market at Joliet mall

    1. New Crafty Ideas 
    2. paparazzi-Colleen
    3. Ramirez Grand Stand
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