BrightStar Events, LLC Story

A mission statement could be the best way to tell the purpose of why the existence of BrightStar Events LLC, but then it looses the personal element of the very existence to which it was created. As the founder of this small firm, the vision and mission is to make BrightStar Events LLC the best platform for all the consultants and vendors that share the same day-to-day aspects of life. As a stay home mother, it is difficult to be in the workforce 100% and still truly attend to the needs of the most precious beings in our lives - our children.

By no means does this discounts or to takes away from those talented parents who indeed are in the workforce working hard and still manage to be consultants and vendors - keep up the great work! BrightStar Events, LLC is for all those entrepreneurs, consultants, vendors and motivators who want to make things happen.  

The commitment of BrightStar Events LLC is to be the platform for exposure for merchandise, services and businesses through networking and partnership. Whether it is an already established brand, or a brand developing from the comfort of your home; our small business - BrightStar Events LLC is here to help you launch it big!! 

BrightStar Events, LLC is a registered, licensed and insured company. I understand your business is important, and I will ensure it is marketed with the same level of importance. BrightStar Events, LLC core principles reside in communication, superior customer service, quality of events, great experience and having fun while networking and meeting great people.

I thank you for the support and I look forward to serve you in all of the upcoming BrightStar Events, LLC exposures!!!


Stephanie M Burciaga


BrightStar Events, LLC,